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Our company was established 10 years ago. Since that, we have gained an impeccable reputation and now we cooperate with thousands of web-masters who work with websites, web browser applications, mobile applications and other Internet-resources.

Despite the fact our company exists for a quite long time, we don't stop searching. We are searching for new ideas which will be profitable both for our clients and for us. We are developing our service, and we are making it more convenient to use.

Today we can pride ourselves on having great reputation in the global network, as well as on our modern developments, that have no analogues in the Russian Internet. What are these developments?

Well, one of them is a convenient chat that lets you communicate with your clients directly from your website. It's not always necessary to use e-mail, mobile phone number, etc. If we're talking about the convenience of using your website, such software will be the best choice. We are also developing the system, that will analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Our developers always offer new ideas that help our clients.

That's how we achieve success, and that's people recommend us to their friends, acquaintances and other Internet users. Look, what people say about us in the Internet.

Alexandr Borisovich Grishin

I specialize at creating websites for constructing projects. I was attracted by bright prospects and started doing it very recently. I was very interested by creating websites — always learned something new, asked questions, observed and understood that I need sources of traffic — and these sources shouldn't be expensive. I didn't have enough money to pay for a big advertising campaign, so I've decided to rely on my own strengths and to use the most effective methods. It took a long time to find an appropriate source of traffic. Then I found Promoheads... I've decided to trust the creators of this website, and for good reason! I got even more than expected.

To be honest, I haven't heard about this website and I didn't find it directly, from search results. I found one of the articles here and decided to stay for a long time. This website has a lot of interesting articles to read. Well, after that I've decided to register and to create my own advertising campaign.

After a very short period of time I got my first visitors! Experienced masters told me that it's a very difficult thing to promote a website, but know I'm sure that's not truth! Thanks to the correct  solutions about content and promotion, and thanks to Promoheads, the amount of unique visitors per day is now about 50 — and I will not stop at this result.

I can recommend this website to the beginners, who still doubt whether creating websites is a right way. I also recommend Promoheads to real professionals, because they will find really cheap targeted traffic. Don't be afraid to pay money, because it will not cost very much, but the result will surpass all expectations.

Elena Mihaylovna Korneychuk

Very recently, when I didn't know what is PPC, how to create websites, how to make them profitable, etc. — helped me. I can even say that, thanks to this website, I've decided to create websites for women.

At this website I've found great opportunities to promote my website. Very user-friendly and simple PPC affiliate program, which is convenient to use, very cheap traffic — that's how I made more money from the advertising than I've spent here! I continue to use Promoheads services and I hope our cooperation will last for years.

Basically, Promoheads isn't just an affiliate program. It's a website that can teach beginners how to create a good website. There is a lot of information about design and interface here. Useful advice that I got at this website helped me to create really good and useful website which is liked by people.

Nikolay Victorovich Vasil'ev

I've been a web-master for 5 years. Now I've got a few own websites and more than 20 websites I created for other people. During my work I've tried lots of different ways of promoting websites. And, well, I have come to the conclusion that PPC affiliate programs is the best way to get high quality targeted traffic. PPC programs have the best price-quality ratio, of course, if not to mention free methods.

I worked with lots of affiliate programs, and the result was good — almost always. I just followed the news and saw Promoheads. At first I thought it was just an excuse for a real service, but I've decided to look at it. I can't say this Internet-resource was a big surprise for me, but, well, I can't say anything bad about it — only good things.

I've got a lot of free time, so I've decided to look through this website. Some of the articles made me to perform some successful experiments, and some of them weren't useful. I only can say that you can find the basics of creating websites here, but the main function of this website is buying and selling traffic.

The reaction to the advertising campaign I created was instant. Right after a few seconds I started to pay per clicks. The price is not very high, but the quality is very good, and that's why I've chosen Promoheads. I do highly recommend this Internet-resource to the beginners, because here they can find everything they need. I'm satisfied by the cooperation, and I'll continue using Promoheads as an instrument of promoting websites of my customers.

Petr Ivanovich Prohorov

I always knew I need advertising to earn money. For me it's a very interesting "fighting" of earning and spending, and my aim is to make the first win. That's why I've been always using lots of different resources, but I was really struck that I can both buy and sell traffic here, and do it with profits — at one Internet-resource!

Attention! Experiment. I wanted to make an experiment and to work only with one website. I minimized traffic from other sources, and concentrated my attention on Promoheads. It didn't work instantly, and, well, I wasn't sure it would work. I started to promote my website using Promoheads PPC affiliate program. When I was doing it, I also filled my website with links from this site, as a seller of traffic. As a result, I got a group of regular visitors. They opened my website from time to time, clicked at my links and brought me money.

The group of regular visitors was formed from people, who entered my website because of Promoheads. I made a decision that if all these people can enter my website through these links, they will continue to do it at my website, too! Over time, the amount of money I got from clicks (both from regular and unique visitors) was much bigger than the amount of money I spent at Promoheads!

But, well, if it was such a simple thing, everyone could do it. I had to make a serious work in order to gain such results. And again, Promoheads helped me to do it. At this website I got a lot of information about how to make a design of a website correctly, how to increase its load speed, how should I fill my website with content, where to take articles, etc. All this information is at the website, so beginners shouldn't afraid to try!

And of course, my experiment shows that Promoheads is simply better than other pay per click affiliate programs. Traffic that I got because of Promoheads was high quality, and I'm making profit because of this website even now! I highly recommend this website to beginners, and to professionals, of course — at least as an experiment.

Victor Evgenievich Sorokin

I was learning about how to work with content and also learning some new things in the Internet — and then I ran into this website, The first article I read was the article about what to do with content, how often should the new content be uploaded to your website and etc. I've got very good and interesting information and decided to check it. And in a few weeks I've got a quite good result! Really, the number of unique and regular visitors has increased, so after that I was even more interested in this Internet-resource, Promoheads.

At this moment I've understood what does this company do and how it works. This idea isn't very new (it's not new at all, actually), but this website is very simple and functional. I familiarized myself with this website, and I decided not to wait anymore. Then I filled the field of my new advertising campaign, put money on my account and... New visitors started to enter my website! That's actually everything you need from a good pay per click affiliate program. And you can find all these things here, at Promoheads.

I highly recommend beginners to pay their attention to lots of web pages with interesting and useful content, even if you have opened this website only because of its affiliate program. It's not excluded that you will find lots of useful advice for you here.

Valentin Petrovich Tanygin

There are lots of services in the Internet that can help you promote your website. At the very beginning I tried to promote my website by my own strengths, but it's a very time-consuming process that gives poor results.

And then I found Promoheads. Of course, I decided that I could earn good money with it — and I was right. I started to place links and to sell traffic — and I had good results, because I already had some experience in working with traffic. And then, after a few weeks I thought that I could've done advertising for my own websites here. No sooner said than done!

I made an advertising campaign and became a buyer! The result was quite good. For little money I've got lots of unique visitors. Then I began to sell traffic from my own website. Not I work 3-4 hours per day and, well, my results are good. Thanks, Promoheads!

In conclusion

We are very grateful to all who leave their reviews. It's a good indicator of us doing a good thing for Internet-users. And we are not going to stop! We will continue to develop our ideas and to follow our corporative philosophy. Maybe one day you will join us as a client or even coworker, and become a part of one great team that looks to the future.

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I like the way they work – these guys from Promo. I have started just recently, but can see the constant development and support. Thanks.


I have been working with this affiliate program for about 3 months. They provide timely and regular payments. I’m particularly pleased with good, convenient and simple statistics in Promoheads. So, we’re working, monetizing video.


I sell traffic and have recently started working in this field. I have a nice impression about the guys who have developed this project.


It’s a high quality resource. I hope for a long fruitful cooperation.


I have been working with this sale of clicks for only 7 days but have already earned money. It is very clear and simple, the way to adjust everything.


I have recently begun working with the affiliate program. It’s great – you can use links, banners. I’m still pleased with its operational support to help beginners.


The affiliate program has been evolving, the payments are clockwork-like.


I have been continually looking for a way to make money on site, particularly to earn per clicks. I’ve recently registered at, quite a good advertising network. I like the speed of payments and their obligatoriness, so I will surely continue our cooperation. Keep it up! Good luck and fast prosperity!


The first PPC, where I have succeeded :) and learned everything. Lately I have tried some other affiliate programs on earning online. I have even developed a web design, but that’s all in the past now, and I wish them prosperity :)


I have worked in different systems before – sold design, then hosting, then CPA, but never succeeded to work more than a year, and been fired of all my jobs. I thought of being unlucky, but now I realize – the main thing is to find a good project and to stick to it. Now I make money on applications, send out mailings. I’ve finally realized that monetization of traffic – that’s exactly mine. People willingly click on links.


I like everything very much, but the amount for withdrawal, on my personal opinion, might be smaller. Make it $10!


Finally, I have found where to buy traffic to my site! Thus, it is growing now.


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